Secure Exchange Solutions, Inc. (SES) has developed the Patient Centric Medical Solution (PCMS), a secure, portable, HIPAA compliant Electronic Health Record (EHR) that interoperates across diverse medical systems. The PCMS improves the overall quality of healthcare by providing an interoperable solution that is flexible and process efficient allowing patients to have real time access and control of their healthcare data.

PCMS is a token-based federated, identity management and security system that can be delivered in a “credit card” format, “key chain” token, or installed as hardware on portable devices such as tablets, smart phones, and laptops (via Samsung Knox Security). The PCMS token is connected to a totally secure policy server which establishes the rules of access to information and limits the views of that information based upon the level of need of the provider. The policy server can only be accessed through the use of a registered token issued to a user through a federated identity management system which registers that token to an individual following strict proof of identity protocols.

SES, using PCMS, has created a CMS program to track foster children across multiple physicians and healthcare systems. In addition, SES is licensing its core software to remote patient monitoring companies.